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Why is Western Media unkind to India?

The images of funeral pyres of Covid deaths in India and death tolls were so hyped in Western Media but the mass graves in US disappeared in small news articles. Doubts were expressed in long articles regarding India’s vaccination but western vaccines which had lesser efficacy were glorified. Farmers Protests in India was portrayed as…
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Independence vs Inter-dependence

In an age where there are hot discussions of feminism on every forum, anything other than sole independence of a female is considered regressive. A girl’s mind is fed with bites of being independent in every task from the very beginning. She should earn, she should drive, she should do all heavy physical jobs, fetching…
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Marriages no more made in heaven?

Marriage is failing as an institution….read to understand the reasons and solutions

Is the Colonial era over?

Is the Colonial era over? No, it is not. Only times have changed….read more

Vulnerability with Social Media

Social Media has brought more vulnerability in our life than we understand….read more

Live-in Relationships – My Take

Live in Relationships – my take.

Nothing wrong actually but a lot to keep in mind in the Indian context

Unemployment vs Lack of Skilled Labour

Unemployment vs Skilled Labour – the glaring paradox the country is facing. Read more

Pseudo Feminism – The new social menace

Pseudo Feminism is eating at our culture and traditions. It is a new social menace. Read on…..

Fake News – the new nemesis

It is a much bigger game than what common man understands. Fake news is not by chance. Read to know more.